Angela C's Testimony

By: Angela C.

When I arrived here, I was suffering the debilitating effects of two whiplashes many years apart & Scoliosis for most of/all of my life. Hip & low back pain had grown so bad for me even just days before first coming here that I’d be in tears upon waking & getting out of bed. Hansen’s Rods were reccomended for me at 17; thankfully my parents said no, freeing me up in later life for the terrific care I’m privledged to receive in this office. Improvements for me are astounding! Walking and rising now vary between manageable to PAIN FREE! The range of motion in my neck is expanding. The “Collar of Pressure”, as I call it, occurs less often. And a happy byproduct of my adjustments has unexpectedly been weight loss, without even trying. At 53, I feel as if I’m getting younger! So instead of worrying about curtailing or stopping certain jobs & activities, as Dr. Osborne put it to me, “What can you start doing?”

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