Happy Day!
As the saying goes... April showers bring May flowers! May also brings some amazing events with me and my team at Discover Chiropractic! Our healthy theme of the month is focusing on Essential #4, do you know what that is without reading ahead to find the answer?? go ahead.... I'll wait... :)
It's Maximizing your workouts!! aka Surge Training!

Here are the classes and free events we have going on for this month:
Monday 5-14: Mother's Day Patient Appreciation Ice Cream Social all day long!

Wednesday 5-16: Dinner With Dr. Osborne at Fiorillo's Restaurant in Santa Clara at 7pm.
Tuesday 5-22: Webinar on Max T3 at 4pm! you can register at www.maximizedliving.com or in the office! All you need is a computer with speakers to enjoy this online class.
Thursday 5-24: ADVANCED TALK: MAX T3!!!
We can't wait to see you all at one, if not all, of these events! You can register in the office for any class or call the office at 408-985-1111!