This weekend I sat on an airplane and what ensued was typical airplane conversation. “Hello.” “Hi.” “What do you do?” “I am a plumber. What do you do?” “I change and save lives.” (Eyes become slightly defocused in confusion). “How do you do that?” “I am a Maximized Living Chiropractor.” Oh….I don’t see how cracking a neck and being a chiropractor can change a life or save a life. In fact I do not even believe in chiropractic.” (Rude or ignorant I did not know which) “That is ok”, I say “I don’t believe in plumbers”. A smile on my face and a look of surprise on his… Awkward silence on a long flight. Finally I could not take it anymore. “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure”, he says.  

Do you not believe the nervous system controls all function and recovery in the human body?  
- Of course I do he says.
Do you not believe it does this by the brain sending signals to the body and the body sending signals up to the brain?
- Everyone knows that he says.
Do you not believe that the vertebra that protect the nervous system and the brain and the vertebrae should be aligned and not rotated?
- Only makes sense.
Do you not believe the nervous system would function better if the spine was straight from the front (Or it’s scoliosis) that it would not function as well?
-If it is straight of course it would work better.
Do you not believe the spine has 3 curves from the side – all with a specific range of measurements?
- I don’t know.
Well that is what every medical journal and book in the world says so there is probably a pretty good chance that it is true.
- I agree he says
Sooooo let me repeat back to you what I understand you believe. You believe the nervous system controls everything in your body, the spine protects the nervous system, if the spine was not straight from the front and did not have 3 proper curves from the side then a person’s body probably would not function as well.
-That is about it he replied.
What if someone was able to return a spine to straight from the front and restore those 3 curves, would that be important?
- Yes.
So what is it that you don’t believe about chiropractic? (There was a huge popping sound as his head came out of his _______.)  
That is how we see lives changed. That is what I do as a chiropractor and I am glad you believe in chiropractic. … By the way I do believe in plumbers because I know what they do. 

Back In the present. I want to let you know, I am not a chiropractic advocate, I am an advocate for human beings. In our office every day we offer hope to people from that which limits human potential. We do not focus on what is wrong with the person but on what is wrong with their environment. What we do is address the cause of illness by removing stressors whether they are mental, physical or chemical to move your body away from sickness and provide your body with the resources that are required to express health, performance and potential. We remove environmental interference through the 5 Essentials so people can have a longer, better life.
Many of you have shared with me your frustration about trying to communicate this simple principle to the ones you love. Never give up. Keep inviting them to have a different future. You are the mission. Invite them to the next Advanced Class on Nutrition, let them know about the next webinar, have them come to surge, have them come to the next Dinner With The Doc on Monday night. Not only do I change live but you do to.