Unless. It’s a word I’ve been focusing on lately. It means "except under the circumstances that". This one word makes ALL the difference in your health! It makes all the difference in your life! Depending on whether you have a lot of "unless" or a little "unless". Let me explain. 
The difference between people that win in this world, the people that ARE HEALTHY, and the people that OVERCOME depends on their level of FIGHT. You give me a person with FIGHT in them and I don't care how talented they are. I'll take a fighter any day over a talent. If you do not have fight then the REAL problems of this world will eat you alive. You see a talented person can make some money but a fighter will work for lesser pay because their purpose is greater than their dollar. A talent may sell out for profit but a fighter will hang in for the long haul. A talent may have things easier but a fighter has more value. A talent may not have to face disease but a fighter learns the struggle, overcomes it, and becomes more BECAUSE of it!
FIGHT! Don't let your environment control you, you control your environment, YOU decide what your life will bring. Stop having such a big unless! 
Doc, I’ll be at the MaxT3 exercise class this Saturday at 8:00am unless my kid has a soccer game!
Doc, I’ll be in for my 3rd adjustment on Wednesday unless I have to stay later at work!
Doc, I’ll lose 15 pounds over the next 30 days unless I just get too busy!
Doc, I won't come off my meds unless my medical doctor says so even though my blood work is normal!!
Doc, I can't exercise unless my back stops hurting!
Doc, my kids and spouse can't start care unless I get more money and pay other bills.
Doc, I won't eat sugar unless I’m in a hurry.
Doc, I'll keep getting adjusted and taking care of the most important system I have, my nervous system, unless my insurance doesn't pay for it! 
You see, NO FIGHT. Life just drags you under. Your values are off and UNLESS wins more times than not. 
When is enough going to be enough?
When are you going to take charge of your life and health?
When are you going to stop letting your medical doctor and your insurance company run YOUR health?
When are you going to stop buying new cars, clothes, and things and start investing in the MOST IMPORTANT thing you have, your health!?
When are you going to stop letting everything else take up your time instead of the things that matter most?
When are you going to stop ignoring the truth that medicine kills and disease is now!?
When are you going to FIGHT?
Disease will hit YOU UNLESS you follow the 5 essentials to build health.
Medicine will harm you UNLESS you are taking steps to correct the problem you have instead of covering it up.
Losing your health will bankrupt you UNLESS you make small investments now in adjustments, healthy food, supplements, exercise, and guides.
Your family will lose you to health problems UNLESS you make it a priority to take care of it FOR THEM.
You will be one of the 9/10 people who get chronic disease in America UNLESS you do something different than the people around you.
You will not fulfill your God given purpose fully UNLESS you have your health.

Life can’t bring victory. UNLESS. YOU. FIGHT.
MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT! Take care of the one body God gave you. Let Him use you to change this place and leave an impact on your family, your community and this planet. People are counting on YOU to be all you can. Have a small UNLESS. Stop letting the world hold you back and FIGHT to be the champion you were created to be. Unless you don't think YOU can do it.......